POLITICO is the global authority on the intersection of politics, policy, and power. It is the most robust news operation and information service in the world specializing in politics and policy, which informs the most influential audience in the world with insight, edge, and authority. Founded in 2007, POLITICO has grown to a team of 700 working across North America, more than half of whom are editorial staff. POLITICO Europe, its seven-year-old European edition has grown to nearly 200 employees. In October, 2021, POLITICO was acquired by, and is a subsidiary of, Axel Springer SE.


POLITICO strives to be the dominant source for news on politics and policy in power centers across every continent where access to reliable information, nonpartisan journalism and real-time tools create, inform and engage a global citizenry.


We inform the powerful, particularly those who have a political, professional or financial stake in politics and policy. We illuminate this influential audience with insight, edge and authority. We do this wherever, whenever and however our customers need it. And we do it better than anyone else.

Great journalism and great businesses require a great workplace. We seek passionate, collaborative and respectful people. Our culture is defined by relentless grit, total integrity and a prioritization of innovation. We experiment to avoid being disrupted and we have fun disrupting others. And we are not afraid to risk failure if it means being the best at what we do.

POLITICO’s mission from the beginning was to win the audience. We dedicate ourselves to providing accurate, nonpartisan impactful information to the right people at the right time so that they can act with confidence and speed. And we prioritize efforts to obsessively serve, better understand and grow our influential audience by creating innovative products and tools that provide limitless value by helping to navigate tectonic shifts and disruption occurring across the globe.

Political professionals read POLITICO. Public policy professionals need POLITICO. And those who hunger to better understand Washington and government power centers around the globe go to POLITICO first.


POLITICO Pro is a customizable policy newsfeed and intelligence platform for professionals on the front lines of policy. The Pro platform gives you access to exclusive reporting, analysis and tools to arm you with the intel you need to make informed decisions, so you can stay one step ahead.


Our Staff


Goli Sheikholeslami
Goli Sheikholeslami is pictured.
Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Kaminski
Matt Kaminski headshot
Editor-in-Chief, United States
Traci Schweikert
Traci Schweikert headshot
Chief Talent Officer, United States
Cally Baute
Cally Baute headshot
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Business
Clea Benson
Clea Benson
Managing Editor, Policy
Kim Bryson
Kim Bryson is pictured.
Editorial Director, Production and Copyediting
Peter S. Canellos
Peter Canellos
Managing Editor, Enterprise
Brad Dayspring
Brad Dayspring headshot
Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Brand
John F. Harris
John Harris headshot
Founding Editor
Stephen Heuser
Stephen Heuser
Editor, Global Technology
Meredith Jolivert
Meredith Jolivert headshot
Vice President and General Counsel
Lars Kahl
Lars Kahl headshot
Vice President, Strategy and Operations
Julie Kennedy
Julie Kennedy
Vice President, Professional Products, U.S.
Anita Kumar
Anita Kumar
Senior Managing Editor, Standards, Ethics and Content, U.S.
Alexandra Manzano
Alexandra Manzano staff photo
Managing Editor, Content Strategy and Platforms
Lily Mihalik
Lily Mihalik
Managing Editor, Design and Data
Elizabeth Ralph
Elizabeth F. Ralph
Editor, Politico Magazine
Sudeep Reddy
Sudeep Reddy
Senior Managing Editor, U.S.
Luiza Ch. Savage
Luiza Savage headshot
Executive Editor, Growth, U.S.
Joseph J. Schatz
Joe Schatz headshot
Executive Editor, Platforms and Operations, U.S.
Heidi Sommer
Heidi Sommer is pictured.
Vice President, Media Solutions, U.S.
Danica Stanciu
Danica Stanciu headshot
Vice President and Head of Sales, Professional, U.S.
Karey Van Hall
Karey Van Hall
Managing Editor, News
John Yearwood
A headshot of John Yearwood
Editorial Director, Diversity & Culture
Cy Zaneski
Cy Zaneski staff photo
Executive Editor, E&E News
Mike Zapler
Mike Zapler
Managing Editor, Politics and Washington