May 12, 2023

Moderate Dem says Title 42 was Biden’s border blunder

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Photo collage of screengrabs from the video of Jamarcus Purley's video smoking at Dianne Feinstein's desk. A screenshot of the Dear White Staffers instagram account and an icon of a rat being exterminated sit to his left and right respectively. Behind everything sits trippy purple and green circles and wave warps.


The Drug-Fueled Protest in Dianne Feinstein’s Office You Haven’t Heard About

Tales of workplace woe from the underside of the nation’s Capitol.

By Ben Terris

Donald Trump waves in front of a large CNN logo.


Enough With the Bellyaching Over CNN’s Trump Town Hall

We should look forward to the next one.

By Jack Shafer

Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Waco Regional Airport.


Opinion | Why Trump Can’t Lose

He’s constructed a political force field against failures and scandals that would have felled any other politician.

Opinion by Rich Lowry

E. Jean Carroll, center, walks out of Manhattan federal court.

Analysis | Law and Order

A Stunning Result in Trump’s Sexual Assault Trial

A new first — and a new low — for the former president.

By Ankush Khardori

Photo illustration featuring headshots of Ron Desantis and Donald Trump, county outline map of America, and data graphic lines and charts.


The Trendlines DeSantis Doesn’t Want to See

A new survey of Republican grassroots leaders shows Trump making real gains.

By Seth Masket

Shannon Bream is seen on camera during a live broadcast of FOX News Sunday at FOX News Channel’s office in Washington.

Column | Fourth Estate

Trust the Media? Don’t Believe the Latest Poll

A new survey tries — and fails — to gauge the trustworthiness of different outlets.

By Jack Shafer

Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer of the New Mexico laboratories of the atomic bomb making project, testifies before the Senate Military Affairs Committee.


Opinion | We Need a Manhattan Project for AI Safety

AI presents an enormous threat. It deserves an enormous response.

Opinion by Samuel Hammond

A Puget Sound Pilots boat pulls out of its slip at Ediz Hook.

Department of the Future

A Disaster the Size of Multiple Katrinas Is Building Off Washington’s Coast

The Coast Guard is the first line of defense against a massive tsunami. Will it also be an early victim?

By Eric Scigliano

Illustration of Putin's hand puring a bottle of Vodka, as the pour comes out, golden Rubles pour out into his other hand.

The Friday Read

Russia Has a Vodka Addiction. So Does Vladimir Putin – But Not the Same Way.

The Russian leader is famously sober. There’s a reason that his country isn’t.

By Mark Lawrence Schrad

Tucker Carlson standing at a microphone on a stage, with his hand on his chest.

Column | Capital City

The Right’s Economic Populism Is Breaking Progressives’ Brains

When two American Prospect writers expressed tentative praise for the deposed Tucker Carlson, the response was instant and furious.

By Michael Schaffer

Ishmael Reed at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.

Primary Source

Tennessee Has Two White Faces. I’ve Seen Both of Them.

The effort to silence the “two Justins” shows that my home state is still struggling to bury its Confederate past. Just ask my family.

By Ishmael Reed

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivers the keynote speech at the opening session of Hungary Conservative Political Action Conference.

Letter From Hungary

I Was Banned From Entering CPAC Hungary’s ‘Woke Free Zone’

A dispatch from the Trumpian right’s pilgrimage to Budapest.

By Jacob Heilbrunn

Biden's power plant rule could help revive an old idea about how to fight climate change

No power plants in the U.S. capture their greenhouse gases before they hit the atmosphere. But EPA's proposal argues that the technology's time has come.

By Brian Dabbs, Carlos Anchondo and Christa Marshall

House GOP lays down its border marker as Trump-era migrant policy runs out

Meanwhile, senators are looking for a narrow, bipartisan solution to address the end of Title 42.

DeSantis stays mum on Trump, for now, after town hall

But one GOP consultant says "the cuffs will be off" once the governor is officially a candidate.

Trump lawyer rejected claim that juror’s political affiliation signified bias

A newly unsealed filing in the E. Jean Carroll case reveals how Trump successfully kept a listener of a far-right podcast on the jury.

Ron DeSantis can’t quit Covid

The national pandemic health emergency is expiring. But the governor is still highlighting his Covid record.

Reality of war rains on Russia’s Victory Day parade

Unexplained incidents, including last week’s drone attack on the Kremlin, are undermining Putin’s plan to project strength on May 9.

CDC head resigns, blindsiding many health officials

Rochelle Walensky acknowledged the agency did not meet expectations during the pandemic and launched a reorganization.