Josh Siegel

Josh Siegel.

Josh Siegel covers the frenzy of activity around energy policy and climate change on Capitol Hill and beyond.

Previously, he was a reporter at the Washington Examiner, where he covered everything under the sun related to energy and the environment for the past four years. He’s been the lead author of Daily on Energy, a morning newsletter with scoops and analysis from the halls of Congress and across the executive branch. He also wrote long-form stories for the Examiner’s magazine and launched a podcast, Plugged In, featuring conversations with energy news makers.

In prior roles in D.C. and Florida, Josh covered a wide variety of beats including immigration, criminal justice, foreign policy, county government, education and sports. He graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University, where he studied business and journalism and was sports editor of the Eagle News.

Josh grew up in Chicago and still subscribes to the print edition of the Chicago Tribune. He enjoys listening to ’90s hip-hop and R&B, drinking plenty of water and playing tennis.

Josh Siegel