Share a news tip with POLITICO

POLITICO recognizes that many of our readers have access to newsworthy information, documents or tips that they may want to share with us in a secure way. While no system is 100 percent secure, we have set up multiple channels that allow tipsters to contact and communicate with our journalists anonymously and in an environment that is more protected than traditional means of communication, like email or phone.

Below is a list of options with a general description of how each one works. Users should make sure they understand the differences between these apps and review their terms and conditions before using.

Signal -

Signal is a free secure messaging app with an open-source encryption system. This so-called end-to-end encryption wraps your messages in a protective layer that even Open Whisper Systems, the company behind Signal, can’t access. Signal supports group chats, image attachments and video calls. Open Whisper Systems retains only two pieces of information about you: the phone number you used to sign up for the app and the last time you signed into it. The company does not store records of your conversations, including who you talk to and for how long you speak. For added security, you can also set your messages with individual contacts to be erased after a preset period of time.

Politico's Signal phone number: 703-350-1754

WhatsApp -

WhatsApp uses the same encryption platform as Signal, but it differs in two key ways. First, although WhatsApp messages are just as secure in transit as they would be with Signal because of the encryption, WhatsApp retains the phone numbers you chat with and the timestamps of your chats. In addition, unless you uncheck a box during sign-up or within 30 days thereafter, Facebook — which owns WhatsApp — will get access to some information about your account so it can better tailor the ads you see on the social network.

Politico's WhatsApp phone number: 703-350-1754

Telegram -

Telegram is a messaging app with two ways of chatting. You can sync messages across all of your devices by letting Telegram store them in its cloud service, or you can turn on its “secret chat” feature, which enables stronger encryption. Secret Chats are not stored on the company’s servers.

Politico's Telegram phone number: 703-350-1754


POLITICO’s SecureDrop allows readers to send messages and share documents with our reporters. Here’s how you can securely send us files that no one outside POLITICO will be able to access.

  • Use a public wi-fi network.
  • Download and install the anonymous browser Tor.
  • Copy and paste this URL into the Tor browser: http://politico.securedrop.tor.onion/
  • If that link doesn't work, use the direct Tor link: http://mzi5yynpd6qqq3lnh7vnaojy36v3hcorytsut47zwkguhnorduyxwead.onion/
  • You will see instructions for uploading files. When submitting material, you’ll also receive a passphrase you can re-enter later to check on the status of your submission. We may reply to your submission with follow-up questions.