POLITICO Energy Summit

A new world energy order is emerging and America’s place in it is at a critical juncture. Join POLITICO for its first-ever energy summit to explore how the U.S. is positioning itself in a complicated energy future.

While the Biden administration pushes forward on the energy transition, global energy demand and prices along with geopolitical pressures continue to complicate what is already a tricky political path toward clean energy. What are the most viable policy and regulatory solutions available in Washington to advance the clean energy agenda?

Throughout the day, we will also explore any progress made on the ground with the infrastructure and climate packages intended to move the U.S. to a renewable energy economy through electric vehicle adoption, a Just Transition to support oil and gas workers moving into green sector jobs and Biden’s environmental justice proposals. We will also dig into clean energy technologies and innovation, including wind energy, solar power, nuclear, and battery technologies, the electrification of the transportation sector, while acknowledging the larger political forces that will shape any policy wins. Finally, we’ll explore the latest developments in Washington in the battle to implement and enforce ESG standards to combat climate change.

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