POLITICO Health Care Summit

Join POLITICO to explore how tech and innovation are transforming care and the challenges ahead for access and delivery in the United States.

The Covid-19 pandemic helped spur innovation in health care, from the wide adoption of telemedicine, health apps and online pharmacies to mRNA vaccines.

But what will the next health care innovations look like — from AI-driven drug discovery and diagnosis to patient privacy, and training and maintaining a high-skilled workforce? And how can the U.S. improve life expectancy, infant mortality, women’s health and support for caregivers?

America’s place in global health is unique — it's the leading innovator with the best health professionals yet operating within a system that leaves tens of millions with no health insurance and below average outcomes. Join POLITICO to examine these policy implications, discuss health executive action and legislation in a divided Congress, and examine the possible political forces that will impact drug pricing, access to care and equitable outcomes.

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